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Midproduction Panzer Feldjacke

from Oberst d. R. Klaus Voss

(Depot-Stamp Wien 1942)


Klaus Voss was born 1925 in Gütersloh (Westfalia). In early summer 1943 he joined Panzerregiment 11 as an officer candidate (ROB). In 1944 he fought with Panzerregiment 11 at the northern Eastfront (Lithuania). After his officer training in Groß-Glienicke / Haldersleben he was transferred to Panzerbrigade 106 Feldherrnhalle. In spring 1945 parts of PzBrig 106 FHH were attached to the new Panzerdivision Clausewitz. Shortly after, the War was over and Lieutenant Voss went in a 3 weeks jouney back home. Without any major incidents he arrived and a few weeks later he got his formal discharge. In 1947 he started to study engineering and opened his own buissnes in 1963. In 1962 he joined the newly formed Westgerman forces as a reserve officer and reached the rank of colonel (res).


In 1944 the tank of Klaus Voss was hit and he had to abandon it. He lost nearly his whole equipment. Shortly after he got this wrap as replacement. It is a typical mid War panzer wrap initially issued in 1942 at Wien (WB).  When the War was over, Klaus Voss didn’t throw away his uniform like so many other but kept it as rememberance to his War duty.


The collar tabs are late war pieces with rayon piping. Skulls are made in zinc with two stamped prongs. All the insignias are original sewn on. Only the awards and the EK ribbon was attached later since Klaus Voss removed it during his journey to his home.


© by the owner of the wrapper


Oberst d. R. Klaus Voss in Munster at the Volkstrauertag. He was President of the «Traditionsverband Panzerbrigade 106 Feldherrnhalle» and is walking here behind the wreath of this famous Brigade to lai it down at the «Ehrenhain» (Honor grove). Actual, they have removed the Hain. Oberst d. R. Klaus Voss died 6. May 2013.

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