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Early Panzer Feldjacke for a Privat First Class
in the Pz Rgt 5, 1. Bat 
(Depot-Stamp Berlin 1937)

Wehrmacht early black Panzer Feldjacke for a private first class in the Panzer Regiment 5, 1st battalion. It is a beautiful piece from 1937. The wrapper is still in the early version with the pink piping around the collar. Complete with all the effects Bevo white breast eagle 1st model sewn by hand, machine-stitched collar tabs. The skulls are the Braunschweig silver version out off zinc. The shoulder straps with loops, the shoulder buttons of the first Company still in Nickel. On the chest loops for 2 badges.

Private first class angle on the left arm in dark green, stitched by hand. Interior lining with stone-gray, with a very beautiful depot-stamp «... B 37» for Berlin, including «2 / Pz.R.5 I» (2nd Company Panzer Regt. 5, first battalion).
Also from the soldier himself two hand stiched «Initial-Tag» under the inside lappels: J. G.

(Please see also the Overseas Cap of this Soldier in the Headgear section).

The manufacturer inside the right breast pockets reads as «Paul Opalla & Co.» – a big Uniform Manufacturer.

The jacket is worn significantly, yet unrefined, only very rarely found in this original condition! A beautiful piece.

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