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Oberstlt a D Alfred Rubbel

Top left: Alfred Rubbel and Walter Grube on a visit to Switzerland on a sightseeing trip of fortifications along the Swiss border in 2010. The Beiwagenkrad is original, restored and belonged to the 24th Panzer Division.


Top right: Alfred Rubbel with EK I and Panzer Assault Badge for 25 attacks! (Maker fot the badge most likely JFS).


Below: 2011, Alfred Rubbels 90th birthday with his former battalion comrades of the Bundeswehr in 1957,  Walter Grube and me in front of his beautiful house - it was a wonderful day!

Born 1921 in East Prussia. After school 1940 war voluntarily to the Panzertruppe. Eastern Campaign 1941–1945 in the tank regiments, 29, 4, and at the heavy tank battalion 503, most recently as a reserve lieutenant in the unit staff. 1946–1956 vocational training and work in agriculture. Bundeswehr activities in 1956–1978 to staff, troop and educational use of armored force, last rank lieutenant colonel. After retirement from 1979–1992 activities in military technology.


Alfred Rubbel was able to record 60 victories during the war. In addition, he may be attributed to the most spectacular kill of a tank at all: He destroyed in northern Austria (arround Wildendürnbach) at the Austrian-Czech border, one T-34 in the indirect straightening method. The wreck is still at the same place today. The exact procedure can be found in the «Memories of the Tiger Division 503».

(Source: "Memories of the Tiger Division 503»)




– In the Panzer IV and Tiger on the Eastern Front

– Remembering the Tiger Division 503

– The Tiger Project: A Series Devoted to Germany's World War II

– Tiger tank crews Book I and II

– The Combat History of Heavy Panzer Battalion 503

Alfred Rubbels Tiger 114 during the offensive of Kursk June-July 1943 towed away by maintenance vehicles.

Lt. Col. a D Alfred Rubbel on a visit to the Pz Kp 13/3 on a tank shooting ground in Switzerland, 2007.

Famous Tank commanders together: Mr. Richard Freiherr von Rosen (s.Pz.Abt. 503), Mr. Pepgras (s.Pz.Abt. 503), Mr. Lukas Friedli (author), Mr. Alfred Rubbel (s.Pz.Abt. 503) and Mr. Franz Wilhelm Lochmann (s.Pz.Abt. 503) in front of the King Tiger in Munster.

Fall 2009 in the German Tank Museum, Munster: Dr. med Lochmann, Mr. Rubbel and Mr. Grube together with the Leopard 2 Club from Switzerland.

Small Clip of Alfred Rubbel and Dr. med. Franz-Wilhelm Lochmann in the German Tank Museum, Munster. They tell us about life in the Tiger I and what it's like to be under attack – unique film document of the two members of the s.Pz.Abt. 503 (14.11.2009).

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