Generalmajor Dr. med. dent. Franz Bäke

Commander of the Panzer Brigade 106 FHH and Panzer Division Feldherrnhalle 2

This estate from Dr. med. dent. Franz Bäke was personally given to the Panzertruppenschule in Munster as a gift to show it in the so called «Traditions-Räume» (Traditional-Rooms). Most of the Regiments have had such rooms for their «free» use. In the early 70ties nearly all this rooms had to be closed due to concerns about the time while the Nazi-Regime. A well known Collector bought it at this time from Munster and from him it came direct to a Collection here in Switzerland. This guy have sold his Collection (the former biggest Iron Cross-Collection in Europe) in 1996 by the Auktionshaus Andreas Thies in Germany.

An American Collector bought the estate, but only wanted the Knightscross with Oakleave. So the Shoulderboards and Cufftitel rested in the old place where I bought it a view years ago. I still didn't found the owner of the RK and EL so I replaced the missing peaces by a early post War RK and EL manufactured by Souval.

If anybody knows in witch Collection now the original RK and EL displays may could get in contact with me please.

I like to reassemble this unique and absolut stunning peaces of history.


Fore the CV of Dr. med. dent. Franz Bäke, please visit Wikipedia:äke

Left: Picture of the original page from the Auction-Catalogue from Andreas Thies in (June?) 1996. It shows the original Knightscross with Oakleaves from Dr. med. dent. Franz Bäke. If you can give further informations about the remain, please contact!

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Generalmajor Dr. med. dent. Franz Bäke in a late War picture, wearing exact the shoulderboards presented above. Unfortunately we can't see the Cufftitle on his left arm.

This is a pretty famous picture of Generalmajor Dr. med. dent. Franz Bäke earlier that the one above. It is a copy of the original wartime film from Mr. Hoffmann who took it at that time. You will not find a better one on the web than this!

One of the seldom pictures that shows Dr. med. dent. Franz Bäke wearing the FHH-Cufftitle.

(Right behind the SA-Leader, in the Black Panzeruniform).

Gravestone from Dr. med. dent. Franz Bäke and his Wife in the Waldfriedhof, Hagen, Germany.

Dr. med. dent. Franz Bäke PAB in Silver for 100 combat engagements. Awarded February 23, 1944 and presented to him on April 26, 1994 in the Führer Hauptquartier right before being awardet the Swords to the Knights Cross. This early type is one of two others that are known worldwide still existing.

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