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Collar tabs out of Gabardine

This Uniforms are seldom encountered and so are the tabs. In most of the cases, this are privat purchased wrappers. The cloth is called Gabardine and here, the tailor has made also the tabs out of the same material.

Very seldom Totenkopf

Oberfähnrich collar tabs and shoulder-boards

Basket-weave pipped collar tabs

This are very seldom and nice original basket-weave pipped collar tabs. They where later introduced in the war and are not often seen on panzer tabs. Construction is the same like on the other collar tabs. On SS boards, this type of pipping is more common.

Mint collar tab

This is an absolutely mint and unworn collar tab that was found in a veterans house. Please note, that no skull has been penetrated the bias material. It is beleved, that the Totenköpfe haven been attached after the tabs where sawn to the collar.

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