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Early Panzer Feldjacke (M38) for a namend Lieutenant in the Pz Rgt 1 including his heavy modified Drillich-Jacket and the  Service-Jacket

Wehrmacht early black Panzer Feldjacke for a lieutenant that served in the Panzer Regiment 1. Also included in the convolut had been all the papers, many pix and two other Jackets. The Name will be published later. It is a beautiful piece from around 1938. The wrapper is still in the early version with the pink piping around the collar. Complete with all the effects Bevo white breast eagle 1st model sewn by hand, machine-stitched collar tabs. The shoulderboards are the sewn in type. On the chest loops for 2 badges. The manufacturer inside the right breast pockets reads as «Paul Opalla & Co.» – a big Uniform Manufacturer. Depot-Stamp is M38 for Munich 1938.

Heavy modified Drillich-Jacket

Drillich Jacket

This unusual Drillich-Jacket came with the other items. The Jacket is heavely worn and is a private made/assembled Jacket of the Lieutenant that wore it. Most likely out of a Drillich-Overall like in the picute above. Collars and the breast eagle are hand sawn. The Lieutenant shoulderboards are the slip-on type. On the left brest is a loop for a ribbon bar.


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