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Early Panzer Feldjacke-Ensemble from
Private First Class 
Udo Haupt,

1. Schwadron Bromberg
(Depot-Stamp München 1939)

Wehrmacht early black Panzer Feldjacke for the private first class Udo Haupt, born 25.07.1921 in Holzengel/ Sondershausen,  who served in the Aufklärungs-Lehrabteilung 1. Schwadron in Bromberg. It is a beautiful piece from 1939. The wrapper is still in the early version with the yellow piping around the collar. Complete with all the effects Bevo white breast eagle 2nd model sewn by hand, machine-stitched collar tabs, that missing the skulls. The shoulder boards fitted already with loops. On the chest one loop for the woundbadge in black.

Private first class angle on the left arm in black, machine sewn. Interior lining with stone-gray, with a very beautiful stamp «... M 39» and the maker mark for W. Kreutzer, Uniformfabrik Würzburg. Also from the soldier himself the Panzerpants with depot- and B.II.40 stamp.


This set comes direct from the owner. Above right you see a wartime picture of Udo Haupt, took in 1944. You can clearly see on his shoulders the white pips on the straps for the shoulder boards to identify the authenticity of the wrapper.

An ensemble like this in such a nice condition, yellow pipped and narrowed down to the owner is very very rare. Enjoy!

© by the owner of the wrapper

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