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Splendid black issue wrap for a Heer Panzer Major, standard issue wrap constructed of mid war quality black wool and lined in light grey colored rayon, well marked with clear stampings including size, RBNr and depot H43, with full length webbed belt hook support straps extending from the armpits, the small buttoning tabs and the inner waist drawstring tunnel are made of ribbed grey cotton, the tie tapes are colored grey and have an HBT weave, the large front closure buttons are of a black composite material, the smaller sized buttons used for front closure tabs, lapel and cuffs are made of black painted wood, shoulder board buttons are the field grey painted pebbled type, all buttons are present and look to be originally sewn, a black painted hook and eye are positioned at the throat, a matched pair of Panzer collar patches having rosa colored synthetic piping are factory machine sewn, the aluminum skulls prongs penetrate the collar, Major rank officer shoulder boards are originally sewn in and the bridles were removed, the subdued woven national emblem is factory zig zag machine sewn, there are three sets of original badge loops and ribbons for KVKII and Ostmedaille are sewn into the upper most lapel buttonhole, condition is immaculate and there is little discernable wear, fantastic example.

Splendid Panzer Wrapper for a Major

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