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We are proud to be able to offer a limited amount of the long out of print  "The German Panzer Assault badge of World War II" by Philippe De Bock trough our site. The best book on the market focusing on solely the panzer assault badges. All known and unknown makers are covered including many period photos, documents and extra information about modern copies and miniatures. The book counts 928 pages, all in colour print. No better better book out there that gives away so much knowledge regarding to this theme. On Amazon they are now 500 Euros!


The books are NEW and remain in perfect condition. Hand signed by the author if you like. Please contact to order.

«The posthumous fame is the true

immortality of the soul

Napoleon I. Bonaparte (1769–1821)

Panzer Wrapper Uniform Grossdeutschland GD Panzerdivision Panzer Regiment Wrapper Uniform Großdeutschland
Panzer Wrapper Uniform Grossdeutschland
Dr. Bäke FHH Feldherrnhalle Panzer Shoulder Boards

These pages are dedicated to the men of the German Panzertruppe who fought honorably and bravely, gave their lives in numerous battles and operations in World War II; from Finland to North Africa and from Spain to the extreme corner of the former Soviet Union. Their sacrifices, privations and selfless devotion to their comrades are a shining example; their deaths a lasting Memorial!


If you are interested in acquiring high quality military related to the German Panzertruppe, we can provide you with professional assistance. You can go here directly to the For Sale section.


Our main objective is offering rare and high class artifacts and coping with the demands and wishes of our customers.


We are always looking for new, high class  artifacts and pay good prices. Consignment is possible, please contact.


In the Panzer Feldjacken columns you will find items for reference. Also here for Headgear. They are not for sale. We hope that we can develop this section as fast as possible to get a great overview and for that we need your help. Please get in touch with us for sending good pictures. It doesn't matter if you provide only a single Panzer Assault Badge or a whole estate – the main goal is to get 100% original artifacts.


With the Panzer Aces page we like to give you a little insight in the life of some famous Veterans. I have shared a close friendship with Alfred Rubbel.

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