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Very nice medal & insignia grouping with the research file from WASt. Untouched grouping to Panzer-Soldier Heinz Gratzke which came of a household clearance in July 2014. It was never part of an other collection. 
One pair of combat seen collar tabs with matching aluminium skulls. Black with yellow piping. Absolutely uncleaned and dusty! Untouched! No moth damage.
One portrait photograph of Heinz Gratzke, a ribbon for the Iron Cross, his EH 126 maker marked Wound Badge in black as well as his General Assault Badge. His drivers badge in bronze as well as his dog tag: A./Pz.Ers.Abt.5. A scarce and absolutely untouched grouping! (The black and white picture is a Nashorn of the same unit that Gratzke served and is not part of the grouping).

«Nashorn»-Unit-Grouping to Heinz Gratzke

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