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Spectacular Doc-Grouping to Unteroffizier Martin Burmester. Also known form the Book series «The Tiger Project» from author Dale Ritter. Burmeister is on the left side, in the middle is Dale Ritter and on the right is Polzin. The PAB-Doc with the Numbered PAB is also from the author and was made when he was in Hamburg in the flat of Burmeister. Unfortunately the grouping was split up and I was not able to get the badges too.

So, the grouping consist:
- Besitzzeugnis to PAB Grad II, signed by the famous Abt. Commander von Diest-Koerber.
- Besitzzeugnis to PAB Grad I, signed by the famous Abt. Commander Clemens H. Graf Kageneck
- Urkunde to the Iron Cross second class, signed by General Kleemann
- Besitzzeugnis to the wound bage in black, signed by an Oberstabsarzt

Comes also with the researched file (WASt) of Burmester.
Extreme seldom grouping to a Soldier that served in one of the famous Panzer-Units in WWII with the Tiger and King Tiger tank!!!

2.s.Pz.Abt.503 / FELDHERRNHALLE Doc-Grouping

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