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Heavily silvered exterior features undamaged fittings throughout.  Scabbard is straight with no damage.  The entire dagger exhibits a very even patina.  Other than a few minor abrasions, deep orange grip is undamaged.  Blade is bright, and would grade 95% with full cross-graining.  A few very tiny spots of corrosion, which would probably improve with a minor treatment of cleaner.  Blade is installed such that the Höller trademark is on the front of the blade.  This is often seen on period assemblages.  Höller themometer has 17 ticks on each side (some collectors seek out variatons on this trademark, which do exist).  Hangers are in outstanding shape.   The lacuquer remaining on the fittings has yellowed over time, giving the impression these are «general rank» hangers but they are not.

Wehrmacht dagger by Höller, Solingen

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